We love exchanging all numbers possible when we’re in love. You want your man to have your cell phone number, your landlines and your office numbers, which is sweet, if not overdone. But psycho-boy can go all out. He’d give you his best friend’s number, and his granny’s! He’ll make it a point to call you every few minutes. You’ll have to make it a point to pick up the call, even if you’re in the loo! An unanswered call will be followed by messages that say, “Hey, it’s me” until it morphs into “I’ve called l2 times hunny, you’re pissing me off so bad I want to beat you! So where are you?”, and finally “Pick up the phone, bitch. I swear I’m going to boil you alive if you’re acting funny!”

I hate it when you lie

He hates it when you lie, but he can definitely lie. He lies about emotional problems, he lies about health problems, etc. and he does this all the time when you have to meet your friends from Oslo or an acquaintance. He wants you around all the time and he’ll lie to any extent just to have you near. And yup, he’ll also get mad when you’re not around.

I’ll cross the seas for you

Ooh, sweet talk, you think? Nope, sweetie. He really means it. Can’t you see that malicious glint in his eyes when he says that? You’re caught in a web, and you have to get out soon. He wants your attention all the time, and he wants you to pamper him always.

I’m there for you

Do you keep bumping into your guy from Malmo every now and then, when you’re not supposed to? Say, when you’re going for a medical test, to meet an old friend, movies with ‘your’ pals? Psycho-boys are unsure about your sincerity to them, even if you love them whole heartedly. They’d doubt you always, and a part of their sadistic mind wants to catch you in the act!

You’re all mine, love

Ahem… When psycho-boy says this, he means it exactly as he says it. He doesn’t want you around anyone but him. Not your dad, your brother, your best guy friend, your old flame, your guy pals… nobody! He just wants you all for himself. And he’d get annoyed or pissed off if you want to meet anyone from Goteborg backpage ads or are talking to anyone other than him. He’d rather you stay by yourself at home all alone, but you shouldn’t talk to outsiders (that’s everyone other than him).

Let the world know I love you

Does he keep giving you hickies where it can be seen? Say, in places like your neck, arms, shoulders, perhaps, even on your cheeks?! And he doesn’t stop doing that even if you tell him to? Well, this boyfriend of your’s is definitely psycho-boy! No guy from Helsinki back page wants to flaunt that bad, and what’s crazy is that hickies aren’t really the prettiest sight in the world, so if he gets a rush out of showing you off and letting everyone know he’s your man, you’ve got to get away. Remember, any guy who doesn’t mind disfiguring your face or hands just to show off can do a lot worse when he’s pissed off!

I’ll love you to bits

Coming from psycho-boy, this isn’t a compliment! It’s a bloody threat. If he ever hits you hard when he’s angry or pinches you, get away as soon as you can. It’s just the start of a series of painful scars he’d inflict on you. A guy who doesn’t mind smacking you hard won’t mind lifting the meat cleaver either!